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This page refers to Xemoog but, please, call me Zarin, though I go by many names. I'm a Wikian, joined August of 2015. You may have noticed that I'm not the most active here but I do hold this wikia dear to my heart. Really.

About Me

I got into EAH during its first couple years but since I was just a kid I wasn't entirely part of the fandom. I didn't even know one existed until after a long while when I so happened to stumble onto a community of OCs. So of course, younger me thought it'd be totally cool to make a character myself. It was messy, to say the least, but through the process I've developed an interest in character creation/designing and art in general. u see me now and i still suck at making ocs




Think of the typical desi girl but a bit more rundown. That is me.


will this section ever remain constant? we may never know (note: unlisted characters that are still in my oc category are either retired or going to be deleted)

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