Zaravarine, also known as Zara is a lot of things. A sarcastic ass is one of those, as is a humanitarian and a person with an underlying desire to help people. (So long as she helps the people that are stupid from far away.)

She's an artist, runner, secretary of a leadership club (so should have been president) and fairly new to this fandom thing. She lives in a land of sunshine and hurricanes, and is very glad to live there.


Zara has several WIP OCs but the one that has a page is the one and only North Witch.

-Avalon Dancer, WIP daughter of the soldier and the eldest dancing princess.

-Cerulean Grant, WIP daughter of the The Fairy with Turquoise Hair from Pinocchio.

-Thorne Beauty, WIP son of Briar Rose and her prince.

-Harriet & Harry Beast, twins who have inherited the Beast's Curse but not his story.

-Nyxabella. WIP daughter of the Enchantress who curses the selfish and blesses the selfless.

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