Do not go gentle into the good night. Rage, rage, against the dying of the light.
Dylan Thomas
Zena's Space Opera was a 2017 fanfiction written by datAsymptote. Based off a mix of Dune, The Plague, and Game of Thrones, the fanfiction was intended to be a season of political strife set in the vacuum of space. Our characters hold political power, which they will wield if necessary. This fanfiction is discontinued.

Content Warnings: implied suicide, murder, probably lots of guts and gore, political scandals and cheatings, idk man it wont go over pg-13 though

The Fanfiction

Two "seasons" were planned - 'Into the Good Night' and 'Dying of the Light'. These two seasons were written to mimic the two acts of a musical: the rise and the fall.

Only two chapters were ever published.

  • The Pilot: And so begins our Space Opera. Meetings are held. Parties exist. A watch is kept.
  • Episode 2: Words are cheap, inaction is free. Politics suck - but that's the case in literally any AU.

In 'Into the Good Night', we are made aware of some political struggles. A Princess is unhappy with her political engagement, and rare necessary resources are diminishing day by day. It is revealed that the fanfiction is set ten years after a devastating plague - the scientists who discovered the vaccine are now part of an intergalatic crew promoting scientific literacy. The planet, Oz, is experiencing a refugee crisis. Our characters, who inherited 'the system' from their parents, are struggling to act politically due to the inherent issues present. Their people are not happy.

In 'Dying of the Light', we see the effects of this. Riot and revolution are rife through the galaxy. Politicians turn on each other - engaging in various types of warfare.


Thank you all for having been so supportive of this fic, even if unfinished!

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